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Revive your blurred and faded face photos. Our AI-powered photo restoration tool analyzes and repairs damage, enhances color and clarity, and removes imperfections.

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Upscale Faded and Blurry Photos with AI

Free Online AI Photo Restoration

Do you have old, faded or damaged photographs that hold precious memories and moments? Do you want to bring them back to life and preserve them for generations to come? Look no further, as our AI Photo Restoration Tool is here to help!


Revitalize Your Images with Our Pro-Level AI Photo Restorer and Enhancer

Upgrade your photos to stunning works of art with our AI-powered Photo Restorer and Enhancer. Our state-of-the-art algorithms deliver crystal-clear results, enhancing your images with twice or even four times the total pixel count. No more mediocre, blurry photos - with our Pro-Level AI Photo Enhancer, your images will come to life like never before. Whether you're looking to restore old family photos or enhance your latest snapshots, our Photo Restorer is the perfect solution. Experience the power of cutting-edge technology at your fingertips - try our Photo Restorer today and see the difference for yourself.


Get High-Quality Upscaling Up to 4x

Our free AI photo restorer tool offers versatile image upscaling, enhancing any type of image up to 4x resolution for high-quality wallpapers, printing, and ads. Unlike traditional zooming, our process combines data from multiple low-resolution versions to create a much higher resolution image with super clear details. The output quality is top-notch for any size you choose to upscale, including landscapes, wildlife, portraits, anime, weddings, nightscape, macro, still life, or product shots.


Pro-Level AI Portrait Enhancer Pro-Level AI Portrait Enhancer

Say goodbye to blurry faces and hello to stunningly clear images that showcase your unique features. With our advanced AI algorithms, we can enhance every aspect of your portrait, from your luscious locks to your piercing eyes, and even your radiant skin. But that's not all - our technology can also boost the resolution and details of your images by up to 200%, resulting in unparalleled clarity and crispness. Whether it's for personal or professional use, you can trust AI Portrait Enhancer to deliver flawless portraits every time. Try it out today and experience the magic for yourself!

Top Features of Our AI Photo Restoration Tool:

Fully Automated

Our AI-powered tool can automatically process images online without manual intervention.

Enhanced Image Quality

Using advanced technology, we can upscale images and enhance their quality to the maximum, providing clear and high-quality images.

Facial Recognition & Privacy Protection

Our tool uses deep learning algorithms for facial recognition and enhancement while also ensuring the protection of your privacy. All uploaded images are cleared permanently after 24 hours.

How to Restore Photos with AI Photo Restorer?

Step 1: Upload your photo

Upload the photo that you would like to restore. Our tool accepts a wide range of file types, including JPEG, PNG, and TIFF.

Step 2: Preview the restored photo

Within seconds, our AI algorithms will analyze your photo and generate a preview of the restored image.

Step 3: Download your restored photo

Once you are satisfied with the preview, simply download your restored photo and enjoy your newly restored memories.


Discover what people are saying about AI Photo Restorer!

Users including photo retouchers, families, store shoppers, and individuals are taking advantage of this tool to restore their old photos and bring them back to life.

As a professional photo retoucher, I highly recommend this AI-powered photo restorer. It's fast, efficient, and produces stunning results every time.

Sarah Lee
Photo Retoucher

The AI-powered photo restorer blew me away! It effortlessly removed scratches and blemishes from my old photos, making them look like new again.

James Wilson

This AI-powered Photo Restorer exceeded all my expectations. It restored my old family photos with precision and accuracy, and made me a believer in the power of AI!

Michael Thompson
Family Historian

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